Advocates provides support for survivors of sexual assault and domestic abuse by helping them navigate healing, medical, and legal processes.


We also seek to empower the community through collaboration, education, advocacy, and social initiatives.

Together, we can drastically improve public safety.

Ask an Advocate: A Survivor’s Message

October was Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) so we pivoted our Ask an Advocate series to give voice to a DV survivor who feels strongly that her story can help other survivors. Not overly graphic or triggering, this story of engaging with justice systems is a cautionary tale of managing expectations and how we need our communities – more than anything – to keep each other safe


A huge thanks to you all for creating and providing this training.  This is a positive direction for not only our employees but the entire community.

Trish Sullivan, VP Human Resources, Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp

I cannot say enough about this presentation. Advocates’ training was compassionate and thoughtful, presenting relevant facts and busting common myths. I am thankful to have this resource in our community.

Sue Fegelein, Executive Director, Lift UP

 Advocates provided a powerful presentation and a powerful message for this company to send to their employees.  THANK YOU.

Erin Bently, Owner Services Coordinator, Steamboat Grand

Advocates saved my life! They also helped me emotionally and financially. Without this help, I would have been forced to go back home to my abuser or be homeless with an infant.


The staff at Advocates walked through the whole journey with me. They helped educate me and heal me and allowed me to stand strong.


Thank You to Our Generous Supporters!

The work of Advocates is greatly assisted by your generous support.

In Solidarity

Advocates of Routt County believes it is vital to publicly support the current movement to ensure respect and justice for the Black community and other marginalized individuals. Every day we confront the scourge of gender-based violence and the oppressive forces that maintain a status quo which allows so much unnecessary suffering to continue, unchecked. It is simple to draw parallels between racism and sexism, as each seeks to dehumanize entire populations within our culture and which, too frequently, manifests in violence and victimization. As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Moreover, racism and bigotry are also “risk factors” that make certain individuals more vulnerable to sexual violence. Simply put, racial & gender justice are cornerstones of public safety and must be prioritized everywhere. Current events provide a vital inflection point for our community and society to acknowledge the dangers of remaining passive in the face of overt bigotry, unmitigated cruelty, and systemic racism. Standing with victims and survivors of ALL violence, Advocates encourages communities everywhere to raise your voice and take a stand for justice. 

We see you. We stand with you. Together, we can improve public safety for all communities.