Tips on How to Support

Advocates offers these tips to people who know someone that may be in danger. 

  • Listen in a non-judgmental, supportive manner.

  • Be supportive, regardless of the number of times they return to the relationship.

  • Remind them that they are not alone and are not to blame for the abuse.

  • Make referrals to programs that offer assistance to victims of domestic violence. Encourage them to make contact with a victim advocate to discuss options.

  • Assist in developing a safety plan.

  • If they tell you they are afraid, trust that there are good reasons for that belief.

  • Tell them you’re concerned for their safety.

  • Tell them that they deserve better than this.

  • Be there for them even when you don’t understand their decisions.

For help in Routt County, people can call Advocates at 970.879.2034. The 24-hour crisis hotline number is 970.879.8888. In Moffat County, people can call Open Heart Advocates at 970.824.9709. The 24-hour crisis hotline number is 970.824.2400. In an emergency, call 911. Those looking for resources outside Northwest Colorado can call 800.799.7233.