More than 35 years ago, Advocates began providing services for victims of domestic violence. Since then, Advocates started a 24/7 hotline, opened a confidential safehouse for victims fleeing abusive situations, and expanded services to victims of sexual assault. Recently, Advocates started a robust social change program (to work to stop the abuse before it happens) and is currently developing a program to address secondary trauma to children living in violent homes.

The devastating impacts of gender-based violence cannot be overstated, on both individuals and the community. Beyond providing support for victims and survivors as they navigate healing, medical, and legal processes, Advocates is also active in the community collaborating with schools and businesses, empowering them with greater awareness and skills to prevent misconduct and abuse before they happen.

We are honored to stand with victims and survivors throughout their journey towards healing and will continue to diligently work for a future where our entire society has zero-tolerance for domestic and sexual violence in our community.