Advocates believes that educational programming is vital for preventing sexual misconduct and domestic abuse. Each program is designed to empower participants with greater awareness and skill-building opportunities so everyone can participate in making our community safer.

Schools, Youth Groups, & Parents


Good for Each Other

Fundamentals of Safe Dating and Healthy Relationships

GOOD for EACH OTHER aka “The Goods” is Advocates’ flagship program designed to improve cultural awareness and illustrate key concepts like: CONSENT, BOUNDARIES, and RESPECT.

Modern relationships are extremely complex. Navigating issues like stereotyping, problem behaviors, communication, and accountability is critical for building any relationship on a foundation of mutual respect which, in turn, can prevent misunderstandings, bigotry, and conflict.

This program also empowers participants with strategies and tactics for interrupting problem situations which makes our communities safer.


Media Savvy

Improving Critical Skills and Avoiding Risks Online

MEDIA SAVVY addresses the challenges of online life. By examining a wide range of safety issues around sexting, cyber-bullying, catfishing, grooming, and faulty social narratives that impact our relationships, participants will develop a stronger sense of how to maintain privacy and avoid risks.

By adopting simple protective measures and learning key principles of responsible online citizenship, everyone can use the internet more safely. 

Businesses, Organizations, & Social Groups


Good for Business

Empower your Workforce to Prevent Misconduct

GOOD for BUSINESS is not your typical anti-harassment training intended to scare employees and cast blame. At Advocates, we recognize that preventing sexual harassment and other problems is less about individuals and more about WORKPLACE CULTURE.

Participants learn about:

  • Sexual Misconduct as a Public Safety Issue
  • Impacts of Misconduct
  • Clear Parameters of Consent
  • “Bystander Intervention” tactics for
  • Interrupting Problem Behaviors
  • Supporting Victims and Reporting Options

Special session for managers/owners also available

woman rejecting man in a bar

Good Night Out

Training Bar and Restaurant Staff to Recognize and Stop Harassment


GOOD NIGHT OUT seeks to prevent sexual misconduct and violence originating in bars and restaurants, allowing customers to have a good and safe night out. Whether a person is voluntarily intoxicated or someone drugged their drink, service employees at bars and restaurants are the first line of defense for preventing a sexual misconduct and violence.

GNO explore safety measures for improving procedures, policies, and physical environments, while training staff on:

  • How to identify problem behaviors
  • How to prevent incidents before they occur
  • How to respond to incidents with simple, actionable plans to help someone in trouble

NEW Trainings Available!

Dynamics of Domestic Violence (DV)

Exploring how power and control lead to violence, tactics of abuse, and why survivors stay. Learn the empowerment-based approach to supporting survivors, warning signs of potential homicide, and more.

Shifting the Culture of Sexual Violence (SV)

Confronting the scope and nature of SV, cultural conditions (stereotypes, power & privilege, etc), challenging common Social Myths and Victim Blaming; Learn key principles of Consent, Boundaries, & Bystander Intervention

Impact of Domestic Violence on Youth

Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), how trauma affects children, supporting children from homes with DV

Dynamics of Domestic Violence in Immigrant Families (available in Spanish)

Defining cultural competency, understanding machismo, identifying abuse tactics used against  immigrant victims, understanding the experience of immigrant crime victims, resources and options for immigrant survivors

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault within the LGBTQ+ Community

Clarifying meanings of sex, gender, and sexuality; identifying abuse tactics in queer domestic violence relationships; understanding unique risks and impacts of SV on the LGBTQ+ community;  how to be an ally to LGBTQ+ survivors

The Basics of Sex Trafficking

Defining Sex Trafficking, Identifying “Red Flag” indicators, supporting and providing resources for survivors


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Brand New

Advocates’ Programs 


“Bystander Intervention” is widely known as the most effective, proven method for reducing problem behaviors within a community. This program outlines strategies and tactics for interrupting misconduct or potentially dangerous situations safely and explores real world situations.



This program explores the challenges, triumphs, and what the LGBTQ+ community can teach us about Consent, Boundaries, and Respect. 


Advocates’ Programs in Development


Examining manhood and masculinity to improve interpersonal relationships.



Designed specifically for hotels, hostels, and housing businesses, this program empowers staff to recognize signs of possible Human Trafficking and how to respond effectively.


New programs available 2021, so request yours now!
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Advocates provide innovative and thought-provoking events to inform and inspire the community. Due to COVID-19, many of our in-person events are on hold. Join us for our weekly Zoom meeting, Ask an Advocate, Wednesdays at 3pm.


As COVID-19 continues to disrupt our daily lives, Advocates are adjusting!
To continue responding to concerns in our community and offering educational opportunities, we’ve launched a new, interactive program online called Ask an Advocate.

In these live events Advocates and guests respond to questions we’ve collected from students, parents, and various community members we’ve met through our live events last fall. Moreover, we respond to questions from participants in real time!

We’ve also sliced the hours of recording into bite-sized clips that explore a single question or topic at a time. Find answers to your questions or explore videos to expand your awareness and understanding of how to confront sexual violence and domestic abuse.

And join us at the next live event!

Giving voice to a DV survivor who feels strongly that her story can help other survivors, this story of engaging with justice systems is a cautionary tale of managing expectations and how we need our communities – more than anything – to keep each other safe.
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