Ask an Advocate

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt our daily lives, Advocates are adjusting!

To continue responding to concerns in our community and offering educational opportunities, we’ve launched a new, interactive program online called Ask an Advocate. In these live events Advocates and guests respond to questions we’ve collected from students, parents, and various community members we’ve met through our live events last fall. Moreover, we respond to questions from participants in real time!

We’ve also sliced the hours of recording into bite-sized clips that explore a single question or topic at a time. Find answers to your questions or explore videos to expand your awareness and understanding of how to confront sexual violence and domestic abuse.

And join us at the next live event!

October was Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) so we pivoted our Ask an Advocate series from interviewing experts to give voice to a DV survivor who feels strongly that her story can help other survivors.

Not overly graphic or triggering, this story of engaging with justice systems is a cautionary tale of managing expectations and how we need our communities – more than anything – to keep each other safe

Jenna Harper

Sexual Assault Response Program Manager for CCASA

Jenna Harper of CCASA on Racism & Sexual Violence

Racism & Sexual Violence are Connected?

Overcoming Privilege to Practice Empathy

Power Narraitives are Woven into Society

Solutions & Tactics

Primary Prevention & A.C.E.s

Julia Luciano

Youth Victim Advocate

Julia & Graham Respond to Student Questions

How to Support Survivors

Turn to Law Enforcement or a Trusted Adult?

Age is More than a Number

Media & Male Victimization

Gentle Rejection

Lisel Petis

Executive Director

Lisel & Graham Respond to Parents’ Questions

As a Parent…

False Reports & Victim Blaming

The Value of a Community Response

Title IX Snapshot

Milena Munar

Shelter Manager/ Victim Advocate

Maria Paula Gonzalez

Advocates Board Member

Pregunta un Defensor: Milena & Maria Paula

Que es Violencia Domestica?

Denim Day

Featuring: Carolyn Lawrence

 Colorado Mountain College – Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Carolyn Lawrence of CMC Explains Title IX

The Ultimate Service

Changes Coming to Title IX

How Schools can Go Beyond Title IX

What is Title IX?

What are these new Title IX “Advisers” ?

What’s the Process for Title IX Reporting?

New Rules for Off-Campus Incidents