The Good Night Out Mission

Everyone has the right to safe nightlife. Our mission is to prevent all sexual violence, including drug facilitated sexual assaults, originating in bars and restaurants.

What will the Good Night Out program do?

Through training, hospitality professionals will know how to identify risks and prevent incidents before they occur, and in the worst case, be armed with actionable plans to effectively help someone in trouble and make them safe. Through accreditation, bars and restaurants will have intuitive prevention measures installed into their procedures, policies, and physical environments.

Any bar or restaurant should be proud to display their Good Night Out affiliation, and all people in search of a great night will feel safe walking into an establishment recognized as Good Night Out Accredited.

How can I get involved?


  • Fill out the survey

  • Volunteer to help with the Good Night Out program

  • If you run a bar or restaurant in Routt County, or work at one, contact us to find out about enrolling in the Good Night Out program


Support the bars and restaurants who become Good Night Out accredited and ask that your favorite establishment joins the program.


The Good Night Out program is offered free to alcohol- serving establishments in Routt County, but we need your help to keep it free. Funding for the program began in 2019 with generous assistance from IMPACT 100. Our goal is that every establishment that serves alcohol in Routt County becomes accredited with Good Night Out, so that we can truly say that we have a safe night life. But this goal will take funds, for trainers, educational materials and awareness campaigns.

What is Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault (DFSA?)

Simply put, DFSA is any kind of sexual assault which is aided by the use of alcohol or drugs, whether voluntary or involuntary. DFSA occurs when alcohol or drugs are used to compromise an individual’s ability to consent to sexual activity.  These substances make it easier for a perpetrator to commit sexual violence because they inhibit a person’s ability to resist and can prevent them from remembering the assault.  In addition, alcohol or drugs can increase a perpetrator’s comfort and confidence to carry out an assault.

It is important to remember that DFSA occurs in two ways:  when the perpetrator takes advantage of a victim’s voluntary use of alcohol or drugs, or when the perpetrator intentionally (and usually surreptitiously) forces a victim to consume drugs without their knowledge.

The most common intoxicant found in DFSA cases is not date rape drugs or recreational drugs but is alcohol!  That means that any establishment serving alcohol is potentially a place where DFSA can take place. And the best line of defense against DFSA is the front line of people who serve alcohol in these establishments.

Does sexual assault happen in Routt County?

Just because we live in this mountain wonderland doesn’t mean that sexual assault doesn’t occur.

We know that drug and alcohol facilitated assault and sexual assault happen in Routt County but we felt that our community needed evidence to see the size of the problem and to get behind our prevention campaigns, so we started using a survey to collect data. We also want to get a gauge on how many people in our community know the reporting options and how many people know how Advocates of Routt County can help victims of drug and alcohol facilitated assault and sexual assault. We are aiming to collect 500 surveys from a cross section of the community so that we can say that our results are statistically significant and truly representative. To maintain the anonymity of the people who fill out our survey, the only demographic data collected is age, gender and whether survey respondents live in Routt County and, if so, for how long. Please click here to fill out the survey yourself. It only takes a minute.

As of June 2019 we have collected 162 surveys. Survey respondents so far have been fairly equally spread across four age ranges (18-24, 25-34, 35-44 and 45+) and 60% have been females and 40% males.

The findings so far are a clear indication that DFSA and sexual assault are effecting our community:

  • 53% know someone who was drugged. Of these cases, 84% occurred in Routt County.

  • 57% know someone who was sexually assaulted. Of these, 73% occurred in Routt County.

  • 16% have themselves been drugged by someone else. Of these cases, 56.5% occurred in Routt County.

  • 22% have been sexually assaulted. Of these cases, 48% occurred in Routt County.

What’s important to note here is that this occurs, even if it isn’t talked about, and it occurs more often than you think, even here in Routt County.  Perpetrators are not just strangers in dark alleys, and it doesn’t require someone dropping something in your drink.  Anyone of any gender, race, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic could be a perpetrator.  It can happen to anyone, not just women, and it’s affects can be devastating and life-long.

Who has developed Good Night Out?

The necessity to address DFSA in our community originally came from SART – Routt County’s Sexual Assault Response Team, made up of the various agencies who respond to sexual violence in our community, such as law enforcement and Advocates of Routt County.

From identifying the problem, Advocates of Routt County established the Drivers of Change Committee. Drivers of Change is co-chaired by Patty Oakland and Tamsin Angus-Leppan from Advocates of Routt County and its members include volunteers from the community who are dedicated to developing and implementing Good Night Out: Catherine Carson, Alyssa Cartmill, Paul DeCrette, April Gilliland, Justin Keys, Ellen McGuinness, Sean Regan, and Tara Schaffer. Steamboat bars The Barley and Old Town Pub are the nightlife champions of Good Night Out.

How do we know if we’ve been successful?

There are two main measures we will be using to measure the impact of the Good Night Out program.

The first is that we will be asking all staff who receive the training to self-assess before and after the training on factors like their understanding of what sexual assault looks like, barriers to intervening in a possible sexual assault, and their personal willingness to intervene. This will tell us how effective the training is for creating aware and active bar staff bystanders.

The second measure is if actual sexual assaults decrease once we have rolled the program out to as many drinking establishments as we can reach. We know from the survey that most people do not know their reporting options and do not report at all if they are sexually assaulted. A goal of our social change work in this area that reporting of sexual assaults increases, and that the Good Night Out program works to prevent and decrease the actual numbers of sexual assaults. The survey is our best tool for gauging actual numbers of sexual assaults in Routt County. Hence, once the program is rolled out and working we will run the survey again and compare with the results we see before the program starts.