Regarding the issues addressed by the recent article in the Steamboat Today: Advocates will continue our work supporting victims, while endeavoring to effect positive change as we have always done. We are encouraged by the willingness of all parties to ensure students and parents are heard, supported, and safe.

If you have further questions, please contact Executive Director Lisel Petis at 970-879-2034 x106.


Advocates believes that educational programming is vital for preventing sexual misconduct and domestic abuse now and in the future. We currently offer several programs geared specifically toward school-age children and teens.

Each program is designed to empower participants with greater awareness and skill-building opportunities so everyone can participate in making our community safer. 

Current Programs

Consent, Boundaries, & Respect (Middle School to Adult) 

CBR is Advocates’ flagship program: designed to improve cultural awareness, provide a baseline understanding of safe interpersonal behaviors, and equip participants with tactics for interrupting problem situations. 

Healthy Relationships (Middle School to Adult) 

Modern relationships are extremely complex. This program is an interactive workshop that addresses key topics that impact relationships like stereotyping, healthy vs. “red flag” behaviors, communication skills, expectations and accountability. Building every relationship on a foundation of mutual respect can prevent misunderstandings, sexism, and conflict.  

Media Matters (Middle School to Adult, esp Parents)COMING IN 2020

Digital media has revolutionized how our society functions and how people interact with one another. Media Matters addresses an array of online safety issues like sexting, cyber-bullying, catfishing, grooming, and faulty social narratives that impact our relationships. Participants also review protective measures and learn principles of responsible online citizenship.